Wing Dings are Foodons that a Glutton used to stall Chase and the others so the Butcherbot could be finished. These Foodons fly in flocks and attack cooperatively.

Description: A Wing Ding is an actual chicken drumstick with added bird features, including beaks, talons, and wings. The "bone" part has become its tail, and is wrapped and tied with a bow.

Based on: Chicken drumsticks

Bistro Recipe[edit | edit source]

フライドチキン Fried Chicken

ATK:33 / DEF:41 / SPD:21 /

This is a meat-type Foodon.

Based on a chicken drumstick. Class 2 meat-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Yakitori recipe + Komugiko.png こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)
  2. From then on:
    • Toriniku.png とりにくtoriniku (chicken)
    • Komugiko.png こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)



  • lvl 1: ひっかきhikkaki [typeless]
  • lvl 1: はやさアップhayasa appu (speed up) [-HP][+SPD]
  • lvl 17: カーネルなげkaaneru nage [-HP][typed]
  • あぶらじごくaburaji goku (make very greasy?)
  • はやてげりhayategeri [-HP][typeless]

Topping effects:

  • Tougarashi.png とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers), Shouyu.png しょうゆshouyu (soy sauce) = 三位一体
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