A bunch of unknown Foodons as seen in the commercial.

A bunch of unknown Foodons as seen in the commercial charging towards their opponents.

There were many background Foodons that were put in the background as filler, some were given names by fans and some are unknown of what there even made from here are some of those Foodons.

Unknown Foodon sightings[edit | edit source]

Pie Tin Power[edit | edit source]

  • Giant hog Foodon: known as "Rawhide" to some fans, he is a giant anthropomorphic pig with an eyepatch. this Foodon was seen helping the Gluttons in episode "Pie Tin Power" his methods in fighting are probably super strength.
  • Winged lizard Foodon: This Foodon also seen helping the Gluttons ravage Pie Tin's hometown, He is a anthropomorphic lizard wearing a toga and large wings on his back. What he's made from is unknown.
  • White golem Foodon: Another Foodon in episode 2. Like the name suggests, it resembles a white golem with every part of its body (except its head) being square shaped it was seen carreing a few people off.
  • Shakin' Bacon look-a-like: Known as "Porkiller" to fans he greatly resembles shakin' bacon only he's much smaller, sports pointy black sunglasses (very popular in anime) and what appears to be a sauce bottle for a arm. He and a couple others were responsible for the kidnapping of Pie Tin's parents.

Other Foodons from episode 2 included a purple snake Foodon, a wall-scaling lizard Foodon, a Steak King look-a-like and a multicolored bird Foodon.

El Taco Grande[edit | edit source]

  • Potato Foodon: A full sized potato wearing a cowboy hat and vest, he cleans up the ostriches that the people of Dusty Town ride on.
  • Pumpkin-headed Foodon: A Foodon with a pumpkin for a head and dull brown attire. He desperately cleans the chimneys for the people of Dusty Town, always getting down and dirty during the job.
  • Fried Foodon: Some kind of fried Foodon with a mustache that wears a poncho and sombrero. He is a member of the Foodon Banditos. This timid little fellow alerted Tacquito and Chase of the Foodon Doughnasour that was attacking dusty town.
  • A red Juice Man look-a-like and blue crab Foodon: these are Slim Ration's Foodons that bring people to jail.

Other Foodons include a egg Foodon that dressed like a woman, a humanoid corn Foodon, a curry looking Foodon and a small, cute Bearafooda look-a-like.

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