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Tater Tons, aka カニコロロン (Kani Kororon) in the Japanese version of the animé. Normally this species is weak when broken apart, but Coco's Tater Ton fights equally well in pieces. Its design seems to have been loosely inspired by First Nation's totem poles.

Powers and Abilities: Tater Tons is a huge Foodon that uses its crab claws to smash and swipe at opponents and can breathe heavy wind to blow opponents away.

Made from this!

Normally, a Tater Ton is instantly defeated when its middle is broken apart from its other segments. Coco has cleverly trained hers to fight in pieces by using its potato towers as weights to crush opponents.

Based on: Tater tots/crab korokke, whatever you prefer.

Bistro Recipe[]

カニコロック Kani Croquette

ATK:31 / DEF:43 / SPD:21 /

This is a fry-type Foodon.

カニコロック kani korokke

Based on crab korokke, a Japanese crab-filled adaptation of the Portuguese recipe for croquettes and as such is labeled as youshoku in-game. Class 2 fry-type.


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
    • Pan ko.png パンこpan ko (bread crumbs)
    • Kani.png カニkani (crab)


  • ハサミギリhasamigiri [typeless]
  • まもりアップmamori appu (defence up) [-HP][+DEF]
  • カニゴロンkani goron [typed][-HP]
  • にギリつぶしnigiritsubushi [typeless][-HP]
  • まっぷたつmapputatsu [typeless]