This is a Donburi-type Foodon.

たまごどおん tamagodon

Based on tamago donburi, which is a Japanese dish consisting of scrambled egg in a rice bowl. Class 1 donburi-type.

This is the first donburi-type dish the player will acquire, in the third region of the game.


  1. Unlock:
    • Received upon defeating Onihei at Fuji Fuji San in Edomae.
  2. From then on:
    • Kome.png こめkome (rice)
    • Dashi.png だしつゆdashitsuyu (stock)
    • Tamago.png たまごtamago (egg)


  • add Toriniku.png とりにくtoriniku (chicken) for おやこどん Oyakodon
  • add Ebi.png エビebi (shrimp) for てんどん Tendon
  • add Unagi.png うなぎunagi (eel) for うなどん Unadon


  • lvl 1: どんぶりなげdonburi nage (throw donburi) [typed]
  • lvl 11: ツメきざみtsume kizami

Topping effects:

  • Nori.png のりnori (seaweed), Tamanegi.png たまねぎtamanegi (onion) = 三位一体
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