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Tacquito is a taco-themed Foodon. He is known as Taco Star in the Japanese Dub and videogames.

He, alongside Fry Slinger and Chili Dog, lead the Foodon Banditos. Tacquito and the Foodon Banditos reside in a canyon outside of Dusty Town and often raid Dusty Town in order to get the secret salsa called the Salsa Especial. They end up befriending Chase and his friends after Chase rescues one of the Banditos from a falling boulder.

When Clawdia attacked Dusty Town with Doughnasour, Tacquito was fatally injured saving Mayor Slim Rations causing the Mayor to save Tacquito's life by using the last bottle of Salsa Especial.

Apperance: He is an actual taco with arms and legs, wearing a sombrero, a pancho, and a stylish Mexican mustache. He loves to play the acoustic guitar.

Powers and Abilities: Tacquito was never seen as a battling Foodon, and his attack methods are unknown. He is however seen using a lasso with decent skill to steal the safe containing Dusty Town’s Salsa Especial.