Based on: Spring roll

Spring Chicken

Summary: When Chase and the group were on the S.S. Food Fight, the four most powerful Gluttons, known as the Big 4, came and served a huge assortment of food for the cruise ship's guests. They had laid the Glutton Curse on the food, but before they could entrance the guests, Chase and Kayla's father Chef Jack snapped them all out from the curse just in time so they could prepare themselves for the worst, when Rose Marinade let this Foodon, belonging to her, loose.

Description: Spring Chicken is a giant colorful bird Foodon based off of a giant bird comparable to any of many creatures from various mythologies. It has a spring roll for a head, red feet with sharp talons, and a green base of tail feathers couple with a pair of longer tail feathers. Its pink, feathered body bears two huge wings with the colors green, purple, white, and pink from top to bottom.

Powers and Abilities: Spring Chicken is a large, strong Foodon that can fly swiftly and command lightning and storms.

Bistro RecipeEdit

はるまき Harumaki


ATK:33 / DEF:43 / SPD:41 /

Recipe harumaki

はるまき harumaki

Type tenshin

This is a tenshin-type Foodon.

Based on spring rolls, they are called harumaki in Japanese. Listed as a Chinese dish, although found in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The recipe and preparation vary considerably within this vast area.

Class 2 tenshin-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Gyouza recipe + Take no ko たけのこtake no ko (bamboo shoot)
  2. From then on:
    • Komugiko こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)
    • Hikiniku ひきにくhikiniku (ground meat)
    • Take no ko たけのこtake no ko (bamboo shoot)


  • あぶらとばしaburatobashi [typeless]
  • うんアップun appu (luck up) [-HP][+luck]
  • まきなげmaki nage
  • かかとおとしkakato otoshi (heel drop) [typeless][-HP][x2]
  • うんダウンun daun (luck down) [-HP][-foe's luck]
  • lvl56 - はやさアップhayasa appu (speed up) [-HP][+SPD]

Topping effects: