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"Hey, Spaghettabout-it!"

Based on: Spaghetti

Summary: Spaghettabout-It is a spaghettii Foodon used by Albert, who used to be Chase's rival, but soon joined him on his quest to stop the Gluttons. Albert used Spaghettabout-It multiple times, and most of those times he was partnerred up with Cowboyritto.

The person who voiced this Foodon was Wayne Grayson, using the same voice as he used for Joey Wheeler in the 4Kids Dub of Yu-Gi-Oh.


Description: Spaghettabout-It is a humanoid Foodon wearing a yellow jumpsuit with a plate of spaghettii with tomato sauce for a head. He weilds a deadly fork and a cheese shaker on his back.

Powers and Abilities: Despite his giant fork, this pasta paisan can actually shoot out his spaghettii noodles like whips to strike at his opponents and tangle them up like a lasso.

Bistro Recipe[]

ミートソース Meat Sauce

Miito soosu

ATK:35 / DEF:36 / SPD:20 /

Type pasta

This is a pasta-type Foodon.

Recipe pasta

ミートソース miito soosu

Based on spaghetti with meat sauce. Class 1 pasta-type.


  • パスタpasuta (pasta)
  • トマトtomato
  • ひきにくhikiniku (ground meat)


Ingredient effects: