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Summary: Sir Dumpling first appeared when Pie Tin mistook Chase and Kayla for Gluttons that took his parents and challenged them to a Foodon battle. Eventually, Clawdia appeared and attacked the weakened Fried Ricer with her Boulder Broth. At this point, Pie Tin finally saw that she was the real Glutton, so he had Sir Dumpling save Fried Ricer and defeat Boulder Broth. After Clawdia ran away like a scared little kitten, Pie Tin told Chase about his parents. Feeling sorry, he allowed him to join the rebel movement and Pie Tin's Foodon, Sir Dumpling, became best friends with Fried Ricer.

Description: A humanoid Foodon with the head of a green pea-topped shuumai dumpling, wears green Chinese-style robes with a yellow belt, tied so there are two tails on each hip. He belongs to Pie Tin and speaks in a stereotypical British accent, which may or may not be a reference to british-styled dumplings.

Based on: Shumai

Powers and Abilities: Sir Dumpling is a master of martial arts.

Bistro Recipe[]

Recipe shuumai

シュマイ shuumai

Based on shuumai, a slightly Japanized adaptation of the Chinese recipe shumai, using pork that is ground instead of minced. Class 2 dim sum-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Gyouza recipe + Gurin piisu グリンピースgurin piisu (green peas)
  2. From then on:
    • Komugiko こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)
    • Hikiniku ひきにくhikiniku (ground meat)
    • Gurin piisu グリンピースgurin piisu (green peas)


  • lvl 1: つつみかくしtsutsumikakushi (concealment) [typed]
  • lvl ?: せいろとばしseirotobashi [typed]
  • lvl 11: シューパンチshuu panchi (shuu punch) [typed][-HP][strong]
  • lvl 21: とっしんtosshin (charge) [typeless][-HP]
  • lvl ?: うんアップun appu (luck up) [-HP][+luck]

Topping effects: