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Based on: Tenmusu (shrimp rice ball)

Shrimp Stompura in battle stance

Summary: Shrimp Stompura was used by the Glutton commando Muscles Marinara to fight Chase and Fried Ricer. For more than half of the battle, Shrimp Stompura was destroying Fried Ricer, but Chase gave him a special Power Topping to give Fried Ricer extra strength. After barely winning, Chase learned that he needed to train his Foodon better.

Description: He is an actual rice ball with arms, legs, and wearing some kind of blue martial arts attire. He has intense eyes with thick eyebrows and a giant deep-fried shrimp on his head.

Shrimp Stompura.png

Powers and Abilities: Shrimp Stompura is a Foodon that attacks by covering its body with energy and ramming into his opponents. He can also wrap up his opponent in seaweed with a special Power Topping.

Voiced by Dan Green.

Bistro Recipe[]

This is a rice-type Foodon.

てんむす tenmusu

Based on tenmusu, which is a Japanese rice ball wrapped in nori and stuffed with shrimp tempura. Class 2 rice-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Onigiri recipe + Ebi.pngエビebi (shrimp)
  2. From then on:
    • Kome.pngこめkome (rice)
    • Nori.pngのりnori (seaweed)
    • Ebi.pngエビebi (shrimp)


  • add Su.pngすsu (vinegar) for Ebi Zushi


  • ふみつけfumitsuke (trample) [typeless]
  • しめつけshimetsuke (pressure) [typeless]
  • むしづめmushidume
  • とっしんtosshin (charge) [typeless][-HP]
  • にぎりつぶしnigiritsubushi [typeless][-HP]