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One of Chef Jack's Foodons. The only time he was used by Jack was to cause interest in the fishing competition between Chase and Coco.

Description: Shark-Fin is a blue shark with a bowl of the actual soup for a head, eyes on the bowl, and the shark's jaw on the bottom of it.

Powers and Abilities: Shark-Fin swims at great speeds and headbutts his opponents. its a definant that Shark-Fin Soup will chomp down on his opponents in normal battles. Its been discussed that Shark-Fin's tail could actualy be a steel blade that he can use as a lethal weapon.

Based on: Shark fin soup

Bistro Recipe[]

This is a soup-type Foodon

フカヒレスープ fukahire suupu

Based on shark fin soup. Class 3 soup-type.


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
  • Suupu.png スープsuupu (soup)
  • Tamago.pngたまごtamago (egg)
  • Fukahire.pngフカヒレfukahire (sharkfin)


  • スプンたたきsupuntataki
  • ラッシュrasshu (rush)
  • フカスピンfukasupin (shark soup spin?)
  • ひたしわざhitashiwaza