Based on: Seafood pasta

Summary: Hundreds of Seafood Impastas rained from the sky in the final part of King Gorge's ultimate plan. The reason why they're called Seafood "Impasta" is because even though it looks like a crab, its recipe contains none of it! (Impasta = imposter).


Apperance: Seafood Impasta looks like a large red crab with big claws. On top of its head is a plate of seafood pasta with two clams, its eye are above the plate.

Powers and Abilities: This Foodon is big and bulky, and uses its big claws to snap at his enemies --- and its friends, if they're feeling "crabby"!

Bistro Recipe[edit | edit source]

ペスカトーレ Pescatore

ATK:38 / DEF:38 / SPD:21 /

This is a pasta-type Foodon.

ペスカトーレ pesukatoore

Based on pasta alla pescatore, an Italian seafood pasta dish. Class 2 pasta-type.


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
    • パスタpasuta (pasta)
    • トマトtomato
    • あさりasari (clam)


  • フォークなげfooku nage (throw fork) [typed]
  • ふみつけfumitsuke (trample) [typeless]
  • ぺスカッタpesukatta [typed][-HP]
  • まっぷたつmapputatsu [typeless]
  • はやてげりhayategeri [typeless][-HP]

Ingredient effects:

  • タバスコtabasuko (tabasco), カレールーkaree ruu (curry roux) , とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers) = +ATK
  • ケチャップkechappu (ketchup) = +SPD
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