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Based on: Pasta with marinara sauce (originally meat ramen).

Summary: He and Gobblebot worked for Grill and the Gluttons in the construction of the Butcherbot. Both soon saw the errors of their ways and sided with Gazmacho and Chase to stop Grill.

His voice was modeled after 1920's gangster Al' Capone.

Powers and Abilities: Shoots lasers and missiles, and can fly with a jet pack.

An interesting distinction among the robot trio is that Scarinara is the only one of the three whose recipe does not include soup.

Voiced by Jimmy Zoppi.

Bistro Recipe[]

にくみそメン Niku Miso Men

Niku miso men.png

This is a ramen-type Foodon.

にくみそメン niku miso men

Based on a ramen recipe containing niku miso, which is miso with ground meat (usually pork). Class 1 ramen-type.


  • Chuuka men.png ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
  • Karashi miso.png からしみそkarashi miso (mustard miso)
  • Hikiniku.png ひきにくhikiniku (ground meat)