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Rose Marinade is formerly a two-tailed fox who worked with Dia as one of her animal lab partners until she was transformed into a human by King Gorge. Rose Marinade's #3 of King Gorge's Big 4.

She is a great Chinese foodon chef and dances while she cooks, although she easily gets upset. She is in love with King Gorge.

One time, she turned Kayla and Pie Tin into Gluttons by using Apple Pie seasoned with Glutton Magic while she was disguised as an old lady. After she failed, King Gorge's vision in the sky reverted her back to her true form.

Her Foodon are Spring Chicken, Dim-Sumthin' Wild, Dim-Sumthin' Blue, Dim-Sumthin' Else, and a team of Dim-Sumthin' Specials. All of Dim-Sumthin' fuse together into Dim-Sum Deluxe, a Foodon Deluxe.

Voiced by Megan Hollingshead.

Rose Marinade

Rose Marinade as a fox.