A pile of Pig-Out.

Pig-Out (referred to as Pork Bullies in the 4Kids Dub) are a simple Foodon, capable of mere kicking, punching, stomping, etc. and can be defeated by common humans. This is demonstrated when Chef John, Coco, Chase, and even Pie Tin and Kayla defeat several in bare-handed combat. Little Omelet easily wipes out several with fire breath.

All this being said, they can appear in packs, and are formidable in such groups.

The Pork Bullies are an example. They roam near the mountain village of Hamsterdam, at times attacking villagers who venture too near.

Furthermore, they can amalgamate by piling up together in order to form the significantly more powerful Slop-Suey.

Based on: Hoikoro

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