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One of Clawdia's Foodons.

Powers and Abilities: Can power up other Foodons by shooting beams at them through the laser lenses on its body, with which it can also see in multiple directions simultaneously.

Description: Pasta Vazoomin is a decently large robotic pasta Foodon in the shape of a purple orb with a dish of what it's made of (see below) on top. It has several scope lenses assorted all around it and tentacles (which are noodles) on its sides. Pasta Vazoomin speaks in a Brooklyn/New Yorker accent.

It works in tandem with Digestor by shooting it with its power-up beam, allowing Digestor's missiles to home-in on an opponent. In the episode after that, it doesn't say anything at all, at least in the English dub, and is set to self-destruct by Chef Grill after Clawdia screws up yet again.

Voiced by Wayne Grayson.

The pasta dish used to make Pasta Vazoomin

Made from: Pasta (Originally Gomoku Yakisoba)

Bistro Recipe[]

ごもくやきそば gomoku yakisoba

Based on 五目焼きそば gomoku yakisoba, "5 garnishes yakisoba". This is a popular style of yakisoba because, the number 5 is especially good in Japan. This dish incorporates seafood. [1][2]


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
  • Chuuka men.png ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
  • Kyabeshi.png キャベシkyabeshi (cabbage)
  • Ebi.png エビebi (shrimp)