Based on: Noodles (yakisoba)

One of Clawdia's Foodons. The English dub acknowledges that Noodle-ator is made of noodles, though it is clear only in the original that it is supposed to be based on the dish, yakisoba. It is sold widely in Japan, but originated in China.

Description: A bowl of noodles in a tank-like body on four large, black wheels. He has extension arms, cannons, and a missile launcher.

Powers and Abilities: It can launch a rope to tie onto enemies. In the show, Chase and the gang encountered it in the middle of a desert. It created a pit of quicksand in the desert to trap them by spinning rapidly in a circle. (other powers are told above).

Bistro RecipeEdit

Type ramen

This is a ramen-type Foodon.

Recipe yakisoba

やきそば yakisoba

Based on yakisoba, which is stir-fried ramen-style noodles served with vegetables, in this case cabbage, and flavoured with yakisoba sauce.


  1. Unlock:
    • Received upon defeating Shao Men at Tan Tan Bashi in Xian Hao.
  2. From then on:
    • Chuuka men ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
    • Kyabeshi キャベシkyabeshi (cabbage)



  • lvl 1: デンジムチdenjimuchi [typed]
  • lvl 21: たいあたりtaiatari (body slam) [typeless]
  • きあいまうkiaimau [typeless][-HP]
  • まもりアップmamori appu (defence up) [-HP][+DEF]

Topping effects:

  • Butaniku ぶたにくbutaniku (pork), Soosu ソースsoosu (sauce) = 三位一体
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