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Regular form, undisguised

Based On: "Genghis Khan" Barbecue

This Foodon was used by Clawdia in order to kidnap the Burnt Meatballs so chase wouldn't be able to serve Feastivus. Once he was defeated, Clawdia than brought Shakin' Bacon into the picture.

Description: He is a humanoid mouse with horns and a hat which is a grill with lamb on it. you see in the English version he was allegedly based off of Ratatouille which is a french stew, but in the original Japanese version of the show and the Bistro Recipe games, he was made from grilled lamb.

Powers and Abilities: Mouse Special weilds a sword in combat. Not only that, but he's also a shapeshifter. He can transform into anybody he sees, but he's not a master at it, as he has the "Ditto syndrome", always getting something wrong. Sometimes his horns and/or tail is visible, or he gets the wrong hair color.

His name may also be a play on the name of Chairman Mao.

Voiced by Wayne Grayson.

Bistro Recipe[]

Mouse Special is a meat type Foodon based off of lamb (unlike in the show).