Based on sunny side-up fried eggs, or medamayaki in Japanese ( literally "fried eyeball" ). Cute, but pretty useless. This is one of the only two recipes that are already unlocked at the beginning of Bistro Recipe 1. The other is Omelet.

めだまやき medamayaki

This is an egg-type Foodon.


  • Tamago.png たまごtamago (egg)
  • Shio.png しおshio (salt)


  • add Ketchup.png ケチャップkechappu (ketchup) for オムレツOmelette
  • add Hamu.png ハムhamu (ham) for ハムエッグHam & Eggs
  • add Kani.png カニkani (crab) for かにたま Kanitama


  • lvl 1: たまごわりtamago wari (crack egg?)
  • lvl 10: はやさアップhayasa appu (speed up) [-HP][+SPD]
  • lvl 19: はやてげりhayategeri [-HP]
  • はやさダウンhayasa daun (speed down) [-HP][-SPD]

Topping effects:

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