A Meal Ticket (known as Recipe Cards in the Japanese Dub) is something used by chefs to create Foodons. It is unknown how they are made, but it is known that they have been around since the middle ages when kings wanted their dinner to perform for them, to see which dish would win to ultimately decide what dish the king would eat. The Meal Tickets are placed on the food, which then creates the Foodon. Afterwards, a Meal Ticket can be used again to call the same Foodon forth. Also when a Foodon has suffered greately in battle the Foodon disintergrates into purple smoke, leaving only the Meal Ticket, esentially killing it. When that happens, a chef can just use the same Meal Ticket another dish, even the same one as before, but it won't bring the exact Foodon back.

Special kinds of Meal Tickets include the 5-Star Meal Ticket and the Platinum Meal Ticket are used to create 5 Star Foodons and Deluxe Foodons.

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