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Marmaland is an ancient Foodon capital.


A long time ago, Marmaland's kings trained as divine Foodon chefs called Dish Wizards. They learned their culinary voodoo from a Foodon master named Iced Coffee-ay. The Dish Wizards were Foodon chefs of the highest order.

King Hungry the Ate lives in Marmaland castle, ruling over the capital. Kima also lives here, working as a royal chef to King Hungry the Ate, making him a member of the King's court.

It seems like all the inhabitants of Marmaland seem to exhibit bi-polar behavior. They may suddenly become very upset, only to abruptly smile and shout, "Hey! What're you gonna do, huh?"

Video games[]

In Bistro Recipe 1 and 2, Marmaland appears as the second level of the games and it was called "The Land of Ethnic Food." It's were you first encounter curry-type Foodons used by the locals. Chef John appears, challenges you, and defeats you with a LV. 64 Omelet... Hey What're you gonna do, huh?