This is a sweet-type Foodon

Because the Japanese will inevitably refer to any dessert with a custard texture as "purin", it is difficult to determine what this Foodon is based on. Seems to resemble some sort of gelatinous dessert, perhaps mango panna cotta or mango jello.

Class 2 sweet-type.


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
  • Gyuunyuu.png ぎゅうにゅうgyuunyuu (cow's milk)
  • Tamago.png たまごtamago (egg)
  • Karameru.png カラメルkarameru (caramel)
  • Mango.png マンゴーmango



  • lvl 1: つめたいかぜtsumetai kaze (freezing wind)
  • ユメスースーyume suusuu [SLP]
  • マンゴがためmango gatame
  • あまいいきamaiiki
  • はやてげりhayategeri
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