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P-please. Help us. We're trying to create a good information source for the obscure cult anime Fighting Foodons and its gaming counterparts, Bistro Recipe. Nobody knows much about it except a few people. You can see the episodes at:

You can play the games by downloading a game file (first game, second game) and playing it with an emulator of your choice.

The games are in Japanese, but you don't need to speak it to get the hang of the navigation. These walkthroughs help a lot: bistro recipe 1, bistro recipe 2. If you're fluent with the Pokémon games, a lot of it will come to you naturally. A warm, not-quite-nostalgic familiarity will fill your heart you as you grow to love the games as much as the show (corny as it may be).

Please help us. Learn about the show. Learn about the game. Master the Foodon. Give this food-like obscure phoenix the power to rise from its ashes. Save us. Without you... there may not be Fighting Foodons in the future. Commit to a wiki that needs commitment. A wiki that won't give you a thriving community, but will let you make one. Please. We need you.

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