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Kayla (voiced by Amy Palant in the English dub) is a kitchen assistant who washes dishes along with her brother, Chase and the cute and beautiful daughter of Chef Jack. Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is young and easily angry, but strong at heart. She shares the same compassion with Chase and the others to fight against the Gluttons. She is usually seen guarding the M.A.C. (Mobile Attack Cuisine) Cart. Her Foodon is Omelet who is usually seen beside her.

The "Five Star Chili Breakfast" is extremely spicy, as evident in episode 3 when Pie Tin spits fire from his mouth after taking a bite from it. She also has a Three Star Chili Breakfast, as said by Chase in episode 3

Also, in episode 17, she (along with Pie Tin) is temporarily turned to the side of the Gluttons because of the trickery of Rose Marinade. Her personality becomes sadistic, enjoying the cruelty of having the workers at her and Pie Tin's mercy. She and Pie Tin are mercifully turned back to normal by the end of the episode.


Kayla has long green hair in odango buns. She also has light skin and brown eyes.


Kayla's usual outfit is consisted of two colored scrunchies, a blue tie with a red badge, lavender dress, pink vest, white socks and red Mary Janes. During this period in time, her outfit changes dramatically. She wears a top that shows her stomach, that also has a faux fur shoulderpad on her left side. She also has a miniskirt as well, and high boots.


  • She is 8 years old, but looked much older and taller when she was in a different outfit in episodes 16 and 17.