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Please, ignore the phallic undertones in my name. Please.

A spicy chicken curry Foodon that lives on an islet in Molasses Lake on Banana Island guarding a supply of curry powder. It speaks with a Jamaican accent.

The above exemplifies how bizarre Fighting Foodons can get at times.

Based on: chicken curry

Bistro Recipe[]

チキンカレー Chicken Curry

ATK:38 / DEF:38 / SPD:41 /

This is a curry-type Foodon

チキンカレー chikin karee

Based on an allegedly "ethnic" recipe for curry chicken. Class 2 curry-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Curry recipe + とりにくtoriniku (chicken)
  2. From then on:
    • カレールーkaree ruu (curry roux)
    • たまねぎtamanegi (onion)
    • とりにくtoriniku (chicken)


  • ふみつけfumitsuke (trample) [typeless]
  • あっちっちacchicchi [typeless][-HP][may BRN]
  • つばめがえしtsubamegaeshi [typed]
  • かかとおとしkakato otoshi (heel drop) [-HP][x2]
  • したヒリヒリshita hirihiri [-HP][may cause FEAR]