Based on: Jambalaya (originally Bibinba, a Korean dish)

Grandmother of Tureen and member of the Hot Peppers, a secret organization of rebel spies determined to overthrow the corrupt dominion of the Glutton Empire.

Voiced by Kayzie Rogers.

Bistro RecipeEdit

Recipe bibinba

ビビンバ bibinba


ATK:36 / DEF:38 / SPD:41 /

Type rice

This is a rice-type Foodon.

In the games, Jambalydia was a Foodon. Yes, seriously. Take a moment to collect yourself before you read on, if you need to.

Like her granddaughter Tureen, she appeared as a Foodon in the video games. Therein, she was based on bibimbap, a Korean dish of sautéed and seasoned vegetables on warm white rice with chili pepper paste.

Class 2 rice-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Kimuchi recipe + こめkome (rice)
  2. From then on:
    • はくさいhakusai (Chinese cabbage)
    • とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers)
    • こめkome (rice)


  • ラッシュrasshu (rush)
  • したヒリヒリshita hirihiri
  • ビビビームbibibiimu (bibibeam)
  • こうしゅうはkoushuuha
  • くさいガスkusaigasu

In The MangaEdit

She appeared in the manga as well, but she was less important in the manga than in the show.

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