Hash Bombers

A mob of fried Foodons sent to delay Chase and the gang from interfering with the activation of the Butcherbot. They attack with simple body slams.

There was one western Hash Bomber that was seen in the Foodon Banditos.

Based on: hash browns (croquettes in Japanese)

Bistro RecipeEdit

コロック Croquette


ATK:30 / DEF:41 / SPD:20 /

Recipe croquette

コロック korokke

Type fry

This is a fry-type Foodon.

Based on a croquette or more specifically, a korokke. This is a Japanese adaptation of the Portuguese recipe for croquettes and as such is labeled as youshoku in-game. Class 1 fry-type.


  • Pan ko パンこpan ko (bread crumbs)
  • Jagaimo じゃがいもjagaimo (potatoes)


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