Based on: ham sandwich

Ham Scam-Witch
A female witch-like Foodon belonging to Coco.

Powers and Abilities: she throws male Foodon opponents off guard by making them fall in love with her, then attacks them by using long sharp nails on her right hand. She can also fly.

Description: Ham Scam-Witch is a very beautiful humanoid Foodon with green skin, pointy brown hair, wearing a pink dress, and a pink witch hat. She has a curvy figure and rides on a huge sandwich with a broom handle sticking out.

Voiced by Kerry Williams.

In the gamesEdit

Ham Scam-Witch appeared in the the Bistro Recipe: Food Fight games as a cookable bread-type Foodon, but in the games, she is tremendously younger. In the show she is a fully "developed" woman, while in the game she's a little girl.

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