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The Gluttons are the antagonistic group from Fighting Foodons.


The Gluttons are an evil organization of chefs who create Foodons for evil and force people into slavery. Gluttons also make food with a type of poison that brainwashes them into serving the Glutton King himself, King Gorge. These guys are the main focus of the show.

Notable Gluttons[]

  • King Gorgeous Gorge - The King of the Glutton Empire and main villain of the show. He is shown to be emotionless and sadistic. For more about him, click the link above.
  • Clawdia/Dia - Formally a rocket scientist named Dia, she was turned into a catgirl by King Gorge, and she is always trying to please him. She constantly follows Chase and the others.
  • Rose Marinade - Formally a two-tailed fox owned by Dia. She is one of the Big 4. She is shown to be easily angered and very cautious about her physical appearance (even though she is very beautiful).
  • Cinnamonkey - Formally a green monkey owned by Dia. He is one of the Big 4. He is shown to be hyperactive and easily excitable. He is shown to have fire breath and can shoot lasers from his... nose? Let's move on.
  • Cole-Slawter - He was formally a blue bear owned by Dia. He's one of the Big 4 and is shown to be an obnoxous fisherman that, despite being a Glutton, has a great sense of honor.
  • Grill - Formally a purple bat with a mechanical eye that was once again owned by Dia. He has a great hunger for power and likes to tease people harshly. He's the fourth, and most powerful, member of the Big 4.
  • Mussels Marinara - A high ranking Glutton officer that tried to recruit Chase to the Gluttons, but fought and lost to him.
  • Glutton Gormandizers - The foot soldiers of the Glutton Empire.