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Based on: Ramen

Gazmacho is a robotic foodon that lived in the mechanized city Metabolis City and rebeled against the Gluttons while his two (former) friends Gobblebot and Scarinara (pictured on side) were helping Chef Grill build a giant doomsday robot known as Butcher-bot, but in it was destroyed and Gobblebot and Scarinara reconverted to rebel against the Gluttons.

Note the obvious nori topping and spiral-pattern kamaboko topping in the top-left.

Apperance: Gazmacho is a robotic foodon whose blue body features exposed circuits on the chest, blue legs and red arms one being a cannon arm and the other being what can only be identified as a salt shaker. His head is a bowl filled with clearly-not-gazpacho-but-actually-ramen-soup. The bowl has antennas on the sides.

Powers and Abilities: Gazmacho can shoot missles and lasers from his cannon arm he can also fly with rocket boosters.

His name is based on gazpacho, but from his appearance, he is obviously made from ramen noodle soup (see above). The games evidence this as he is a ramen-type therein, made with ramen noodles and soup. There is actually another Foodon that is based on the Spanish soup recipe: Gazpacho.

Voiced by Eric Stuart.

Bistro Recipe[]

This is a ramen-type Foodon.

Based on ramen noodle soup. This is the first ramen-type Foodon you will encounter in Bistro Recipe 1. Class 1 ramen-type.

ラーメン raamen


  1. Unlock:
    • Tamago Soup recipe + Chuuka men.png ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
  2. From then on:
  • Chuuka men.png ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
  • Suupu.png スープsuupu (soup)



  • lvl 1: デジムチdenjimuchi [typed]
  • lvl 21: ビシバシメンbishibashimen [typeless][-HP][x2]
  • はやてげりhayategeri [typeless][-HP]
  • あっちっちacchicchi [typeless][-HP][may BRN]

Topping effects:

  • Tamago.png たまごtamago (egg), Negi.png ねぎnegi (green onion) = 三位一体
  • Ketchup.png ケチャップkechappu (ketchup) = Sleep status Status sleep.png
  • Satou.png さとうsatou (sugar) = Mold status