Fry Slinger prepares to attack.

Fry Slinger is a french fry Foodon who hides his fries under his hat.

He, alongside Tacquito and Chili Dog, lead the Foodon Banditos, residing in a canyon outside of Dusty Town when the Foodons were enslaved by the people.

Powers and Abilities: Upon removing his hat, he will shoot his french fries like missiles, which will explode like them. He was also seen using actual pistols (unlike a certain hotdog cowboy).

Based on: French fry

Fun Fact: french fries originated in Belgium, but it was adapted and got more popular with the French, thus the name french fry.

Bistro RecipeEdit

Type veg

This is a vegetable-type Foodon

Recipe furaidopoteto

フライドポテト fried potato

Based on french fries. Specifically, his design is a parody on McDonald's fry cartons. Along with the Burgers, Fried Potato is a part of Bistro Recipe's McDonald's parody restaurant, "Bistonald". It includes restaurant employees that you encounter and battle in New Rourke, which in itself is a parody of the United States/North America.

This is the first vegetable-type you encounter in Bistro Recipe 1.


  1. Unlock:
    • Received upon defeating Burger OG at Banana Unga in New Rourke.
  2. From then on:
    • Jagaimo じゃがいもjagaimo (potatoes)
    • Shio しおshio (salt)


  • lvl 1: しんせんなげshinsen nage (throw fresh?) [typed]
  • lvl 12: ふみつけfumitsuke (trample) [typeless]
  • あぶらじごくaburaji goku (make very greasy?)
  • はやさアップhayasa appu (speed up) [-HP][+SPD]

Topping effects:

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