Fighting Foodons Wiki

Now serving: pain, turtle-style.

Based on: Fruit salad

Powers and abilities: Fruit Turtle can fly, retract and spin in her shell, shoot sonic waves from her mouth, and launch the giant fruits on her back, which will explode like fireworks.


Fruit Turtle is a 5-Star Foodon, given life when Chase accidentally touched a plate of fruit salad King Hungry the Ate prepared. Chase has had complete control of Fruit Turtle ever since, even though she didn't always appear when summoned at first. Eventually, Chase learned this was because summoning a 5-Star Foodon requires a great deal of concentration, and was able to summon it properly thereafter.

Saying Goodbye[]

Since her creation, Fruit Turtle had proven to be a loyal ally and the most powerful Foodon in the rebels' arsenal. However, Rose Marinade's Dim-Sum Deluxe gave her a hard time in battle, forcing Chase to use a rare, yet powerful Power Topping; the purple chili pepper, which killed Fruit Turtle as she deafeated Dim-Sum Deluxe. Afterwards, the group buried her Meal Ticket, which was ruined beyond repair, and engraved her name on a tombstone.