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Frenchy le Toast

Frenchy le toast

Based on: French toast

Frenchy le Toast is a ghostly french toast Foodon that accompanies Slice in the haunting of Flambé Forest and Flambé Mansion. To keep his afterlife from getting stale, he enjoys fighting Foodon Battles in Flambe Forest. He isn't very strong though, and his scythe is aluminum foil. He mourns with Slice over the death of their creator, Master Flambé.

Apperance: Frenchy is a ghostly piece of french toast with dripping fried egg to symbolize a ghostly tail. He has dreary eyes, a tattered, red cape, and a scythe that isn't even real.

Powers and Abilities: Frenchy is extremely weak. His scythe is actually aluminum foil, and he has low defenses. So all that leaves him is his ghostly abilities such phasing through walls. Other ghost-associated abilities such as possession and object levitation are unknown.


Ted Lewis, who voiced Frenchy and Escargon from Kirby, also voices Pie Tin's Foodon Sir Dumpling. Not only that, but Ted Lewis made a surprising yet strange voice cameo in the low-budget horror movie "The Gingerdeadman 3: Saturday Night Clever" as a possessed creampuff who was trapped in the scientific institute for homicidal baked goods (I guess Ted just has a talent for voicing living food).