The Foodon Banditos about to face off against Fried Ricer and Sir Dumpling.


The grand canyon wherein reside the Foodon Banditos.

The Foodon Banditos are a group of Foodons who lived in a canyon outside of Dusty Town when the town's Foodons were enslaved by the people led by Mayor Slim Rations.


The Foodon Banditos often raided Dusty Town in order to get the secret salsa called the Salsa Especial. The main goal of the Banditos was to free the Foodons from their indentured servitude to the humans.

Chase and his group stowed away in the Foodon Banditos wagon following their raid on Dusty Town. When in their canyon, one of the Foodon Banditos spotted Chase and his group inside the wagon, causing the group to attack. During their fight with Chase and Pie Tin, one of the smaller Foodons (referred to as Little Fudgy by Tacquito) was in danger of being crushed by a falling rock and Chase saved the Foodon. Tacquito called off the attack upon witnessing this and stated that Chase's group are not like the inhabitants of Dusty Town.

When Clawdia attacked Dusty Town with Doughnasour to steal the Salsa Especial, the Foodon Banditos helped Chase to fight Doughnasour and keep Dusty Town safe, which resulted in Tacquito getting badly injured when he protected Mayor Slim Rations. After Clawdia and Doughnasour were defeated, Mayor Slim Rations used the Salsa Especial to heal Tacquito. Dusty Town managed to make peace with the Foodon Banditos and started treating their Foodons right.


The Foodon Banditos consist of:

  • Various unknown Foodons.
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