Fighting Foodons Wiki

A Foodon, colloquially known as a Fighting Foodon, is a monster created when a chef places a magic card Known as a Meal Ticket on a meal. Most Foodons are a mix between humans, robots, and/or animals and the food they are made from in terms of appearance and are endowed with special powers.

Foodon Creation[]

A Foodon is created when a magic card called a Meal Ticket is placed on food. This Meal Ticket merges with the food and transforms the food into a self-aware being that still partially resembles it. For example, let's take Fried Ricer. From the neck down, he is a muscled man holding two giant spoons (which were created by the Meal Ticket and, thus, are part of the Foodon), but, from the neck up, he is a plate of fried rice with eyes.

After a Foodon is created, they can go inside their Meal Ticket, similiar to how Pokémon go inside Pokéballs. This Ticket is a form that is usually taken when a Foodon is not sent out. The Ticket, when thrown, then becomes the Foodon. When a Foodon is killed, it disinergrates into purple smoke and turns back into a Meal Ticket, but a new Foodon can be created by putting the same Meal Ticket on the a new dish, even the same food as before, though it won't be the same Foodon. There can be more than one of a Foodon, as seen in Oslo's flashback where it was shown that he used to have a Fried Ricer when he was still the King of Cooking.

Foodon Variants[]

There are many varients of Foodons the 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, 4 Star, and the most powerful, the 5 Star and Deluxe Foodons. These last two are both very different, but have one thing in common: they are very powerful.

The 5 Star Foodon is the ultimate Glutton-fighter. It can only be created with a 5-Star Meal Ticket wielded by a Dish Wizard. Besides having many powerful attacks, it can fire a beam capable of stopping Glutton curses. The only known one is Fruit Turtle.

The Foodon Deluxe is a combonation of multiple Foodons. It can be created by simply getting Foodons to combine whilst near each other using a Platinum Meal Ticket. The hard part is finding compatable Foodons. Two are known, Dim-Sum Deluxe and Feastivus.

Foodon Language[]

Foodons can be divided into three groups: Those that only say their name like a Pokémon, those that only say certain short phrases, and those that can speak fully.

Fried Ricer: Fried Ricer! Fried... Ri...cer!

Sir Dumpling: Tally ho! Jolly good! Pip, pip! Here we go! Dumpling!

Mouse Special:They saw through my perfect disguise!Ihihihi!

That should explain the three types for you.