Fighting Foodons, known as in Japan, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoto Tsushima and serialized in Comic BonBon in September 1997. It was adapted into an anime television series which aired on NHK BS-2 satellite channel from 11 December 2001 to 25 June 2002.

In the United States the series was dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment in cooperation with Enoki Films; Enoki Films held the license and contracted the dubbing to 4Kids. The series was aired on the FoxBox (now known as 4Kids TV). The Chinese version was premiered as 功夫小食神 on TVB Jade in Hong Kong, Fairchild TV in Canada starting on 22 May 2005.

Its English dub theme song is a remix and a redub of Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld.


It all started some years ago when a culinary-confused king asked a question to his chefs. Which would be stronger: tofu surprise or stuffed duck? The king's chefs thought the king had gone a little too heavy on the nutmeg. One mysterious chef knew what the king was talking about and presented him with magical cards called Meal Tickets which turns the food into monsters called Fighting Foodons. Since then, regular food recipes have been turned into Foodons when the art of culinary combat is concocted.

One day, King Gorge and his Gluttons cook up a devious plan to rule the world and they sprinkled an extra dash of destruction. They plan to rule the world by kidnapping the best chefs & forcing them to make powerful, evil Foodons. A boy named Chase, a young apprentice chef with an appetite for action, thinks he has what it takes to become an Elite Master Chef like his dad Chef Jack. Chase believes that he, his friends, family, and Foodons can change the world, one at a time, even if it involves going into battle against the Glutton Gormandizers, King Gorge's Big 4, and King Gorge's female cat-like servant Clawdia. Then, he'd have a final showdown with King Gorge.

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