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Fighting Foodons: prepare for battle! is an obscure animé/manga made by BomBom Studios and is topic of this Wiki.

Basic plot[]

Fighting Foodons takes place in a world where Foodons, humans and animals live. Foodons are Pokémon/Digimon-like food monsters created when a chef called a Foodon Chef places a card called a Meal Ticket on a dish. However, a powerful chef named King Gorge has created an evil organization, the Gluttons, to create Foodons capable of taking over the world. The only thing in their way is the famous Chef Jack, a master Foodon Chef. When the Gluttons capture him, his son and daughter must take the MAC Cart, a mobile kitchen, and go on a quest to battle the Glutton Empire, on the way they make many new friends and enemies on there many adventures.

Main characters[]


Cult Following[]

Ever since its debut the show have become a cult classic to many fans, despite how obscure it was. This show had fan-art, fanfictions The Ultimate Food Fight), and fan translations of the Japanese only games and comics. The pairing of Chase and Coco is very excepting to fans, and after a year the show ended, small figurines designed after 20 characters have been released, but there very rare and hard to find.