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Based on: A feast

Feastivus is Chase's Foodon Deluxe. He is made from a combination of Sir Dumpling, Dim-Sumthin' Special, Shrimp Daddy, and the Burnt Meatballs, but he was easily beaten and split into the four Foodons after his battle against Devouron in the series finale.


Feastivus is a giant purple dragon with sky blue wings with red membranes. He has blood red eyes, a red ring around his neck with a dumpling, dim sum, shrimp, and a star on it. On the tip of his tail is a flame (very much like a certain fire-flying type Pokémon). Also, its name is similar to Seinfeld Frank Costansa's winter holiday festivus.

Powers and Abilities[]

Because it is made from Burnt Meatballs, it is immune to heat and fire attacks. It can also fly, breathe fire, wrap around opponents like a boa and squeeze them, and can summon tornadoes (as seen in the final episode).