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These troublesome Foodons, alongside Wing Dings, were used to stall Chase, Gazmacho, and the others while the Buctherbot was being finished in episode 22.

Description: In the English version of the show, Dread-a-Lettuce are implied to be mobile heads of lettuce. However, they are actually kimchi in the original Japanese video games.

Powers and Abilities: they may just be an annoyance in the show, but in the games they have possesion of a whip.

Bistro Recipe[edit | edit source]

キムチ kimuchi

ATK:35 / DEF:36 / SPD:40 /

This is a vegetable-type Foodon

Based on kimchi. Class 1 vegetable-type.


  • はくさいhakusai (Chinese cabbage)
  • とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers)


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