Either a Dish Wizard or Iced Coffier. I'm not sure. Came up during Oslo's lengthy explanation.

A long time ago, Marmaland's kings trained as divine Foodon chefs called Dish Wizards. They learned their culinary voodoo from a Foodon master named Iced Coffier. The Dish Wizards were food fighters of the highest order.

Foodon myth says the spririt of Iced Coffier will return to Marmaland.

Dish Wizards can prepare 5-Star Foodons, which are powerful Foodons prepared with special ingredients and a 5-Star Meal Ticket. Fruit Turtle is one such 5-Star Foodon. King Hungry the Ate tried to become a Dish Wizard by simply calling himself one. It was eventually revealed that Chase was a true Dish Wizard.

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