Fighting Foodons Wiki

Based on: Chinese shrimp and noodles (originally kata yakisoba).

One of Clawdia's Foodons.

Powers and Abilities: Can shoot homing missiles from the cannons on its back and has extending arms.

Description: Digestor is a blue robot Foodon with headlights that act as its eyes. It navigates on caterpillar tracks and has two extending arms with three claws on each hand, as well as a pair of cannons on its back. Finally, a strong glass dome on its head keeps its brain (the noodles its made from) safe from harm.

Bistro Recipe[]

This is a tenshin-type Foodon.

かたやきそば kata yakisoba

Based on kata yakisoba, which is a crunchy kind of yakisoba served with ankake, which is a thick sauce (no real translation/Western equivalent). "Kata" means hard, so the process involves pre-steamed yakisoba noodles that are then deep-fried until crunchy.[1][2]

Class 2 ramen-type.


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
  • Chuuka men.png ちゅうかchuukamen (Chinese noodles)
  • Kyabeshi.png キャベシkyabeshi (cabbage)
  • Ankake.png あんかけankake