Fighting Foodons Wiki

Devouron about to use his hand lasers.

The Foodon Embodiment of Darkness created by King Gorge by siphoning energy from the victims of the Gluttons. In order to take control of it, he fused himself with Devouron (much like Chase and Palator). He was extremely powerful being, able to defeat Feastivus in one blast, but he could not defeat Palator, The Foodon Embodiment of Light.


Devouron is one of the most creative Foodons on the show and games, being an evil assassin/hunter with a torn up cape, gun turrets, and spikes all over his body; he also has a Plate lid for a helmet/hat.

Powers and Abilities[]

The first of his evil arsenal is an attack where he sends hundreds of black meteors to attack his opponent. He has access to the dark Nebula Lasers, which are beams of energy from the Dark Nebula, the very thing that created Devouron. Devouron is not called "The Foodon Embodiment of Darkness" for nothing. His ultimate attack is to manipulate the dark flames that are the very core of his being, but they were not strong enough to penetrate the riteous flames of Palator.

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