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without her mask cover her lower face

Coco is a cunning ninja girl who wears a wok on her head; she sometimes uses the wok and ninja stars as projectiles against the opposing enemies. Chase first met her on Banana Island and she is a student of Chef John. She later became friends with him, and both of them fall very much in love. Her Foodons are Doughnut-So, Ham Scam-Witch, and Tater Tons. Chase and Coco's relationship is quite popular among some fans.

Descrption: She wears a wok on her head, she wears a black mask that covers her lower face and has purple hair in two large pigtails. She also wears a pink leotard. She has small(or big for a 10 year old) breasts and a curvy figure,

Voiced by Lisa Ortiz.

In the manga[]

In the manga she had a katana and fought with it.

In the manga she, Chase and some other characters were much older. (Citation needed) In the show Coco and Chase are around 10[1] (wikipedia) years old whereas in the manga they were 3 to 4 years older.

In some of the manga covers she had brown hair instead of purple.