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Chowderheads is a two-headed Foodon with stock pots for heads. One head has Manhattan Clam Chowder while the other head has New England Clam Chowder. It was created by Clawdia and Tureen.

Description: The Chowderheads has the body of a blue dinosaur-like monster with a sharp talons, a tail, and two long necks with stock pots for heads and eyes on the lids.

The Manhattan head speaks in the style of Dustin Hoffman character Enrico Salvator Rizzo from Midnight Cowboy (mainly the "I'm Walking Here" part), while the New England head talks like John F. Kennedy.

Based on: Oyakodon (Manhattan and New England Chowder in the anime).

Bistro Recipe[]

Based on oyakodon. The name, literally meaning "parent-and-child donburi" refers to the fact that both chicken and egg are used in this dish.

Recipe oyakodon

おやこどおん oyakodon


  1. Unlock:
    • Tamagodon recipe + Toriniku とりにくtoriniku (chicken)
  2. From then on:
  • Kome こめkome (rice)
  • Dashi だしつゆdashitsuyu (stock)
  • Tamago たまごtamago (egg)
  • Toriniku とりにくtoriniku (chicken)


  • add Butaniku ぶたにくbutaniku (pork) for かつどん Katsudon


  • lvl 1: ツメきざみtsume kizami
  • ラッシュrasshu (rush) [typeless][x2]
  • lvl 11: おやしらずoyashirazu (wisdom tooth)

Topping effects:

  • Nori のりnori (seaweed), Tamanegi たまねぎtamanegi (onion) = 三位一体