チヂミ Chijimi


ATK:41 / DEF:38 / SPD:41 /

Recipe chijimi

チヂミ chijimi

Type teppan

This is a teppan-type Foodon.

Based on jeon (also spelled jun or chon), a Korean recipe referred to as chijimi in Japanese.

Possible Dub Name: Weakest Leek (pun on Weakest Link & Onion Leek)

In Korean, it has many names, so can also be called buchimgae, jijimgae, or jijim. It has additionally been referred to as jeonyueo or jeonyuhwa, especially in Korean royal court cuisine (or jeonya저냐, an abbreviated term for the two). Lastly, it is often called “Jjijim (chijim)” by Koreans, as well as rather commonly “Buchujeon (Korean leek pancake)" or "Pajeon (green onion pancake)".

Class 2 teppan-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Kimchi recipe + こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)
  2. From then on:
    • はくさいhakusai (Chinese cabbage)
    • とうがらしtougarashi (red peppers)
    • こむぎこkomugiko (wheat flour)


  • たいあたりtaiatari (body slam) [typeless]
  • したヒリヒリshita hirihiri [typeless][-HP][may cause FEAR]
  • チヂミンチchijiminchi [typed][-HP]
  • とろみがえしtoromigaeshi [typed]
  • こうしゅうはkoushuuha (high frequency waves) [special typed*][-HP]
  • カビブレスkabi buresu [--HP][PSN]

(*Koushuuha has its own type. Click here for more info.)

Ingredient effects:

  • ぶたにくbutaniku (pork), にんにくninniku (garlic) = 三位一体
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