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Chase's picture as seen on the Fox Box website.

Chase is the main character of Fighting Foodons.

Voiced by Chika Sakamoto (Japanese) / Tara Sands (English)


He is the son of Chef Jack, brother to Kayla, and is an excellent Foodon chef who alongside with Pie Tin, Coco (who he along with Pie Tin are in love with), and Albert tries to overthrow the sinister King Gorge.


His outfit consists of an apron with shoulder pads, a sleeveless blue shirt underneath, red wrist bands, and red capris. In the finale of the series he also wields the power of the legendary Palator, the Foodon Embodiment of Good that serves as the counterpart to Gorge's Devouron.


Chase is a cool and confident boy that can act very competitive and wishes to achieve big in the future (much like any 10-year-old boy) around Coco he can be very nervous and to an extent tries to act more gentleman like.

In the Games[]

Chase also serves as the main character although he's very different in the game personality-wise.

In the Manga[]

In the manga he is a lot older (about 15) but he has still acts the same as he did in the show, plus something interesting is that his canines (two sharp front teeth) are so long you can see the tips of them when his mouth closes.


His Foodons are Fried Ricer (evolves into Super Fried Ricer when with Fruit Turtle or Feastavus) Hot Doggone-It, Burnt Meatballs, Shrimp Daddy, Dim-Sumthin' Special, Fruiturtle, and Feastivus (a Deluxe Foodon fused by Shrimp Daddy, Dim-Sumthin' Special, Sir Dumpling, and the Burnt Meatballs).