ATK:39 / DEF:37 / SPD:52 /

This is a soup-type Foodon

カルビクッパ calbee kuppa

Based on kuppa, which is the Japanese name for the Korean dish, Gukbap (국밥). Class 3 soup-type.

Possible Dub Name: Kuppa Kappa


  1. Unlock:
  2. From then on:
    • スープsuupu (soup)
    • たまごtamago (egg)
    • ぎゅにくgyuuniku (beef)
    • こめkome (rice)


  • たいあたりtaiatari (body slam)
  • つよさアップtsuyosa appu (power up)
  • カルビームkarubiimu (Calbeam)
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