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Banana Island is a culinary paradise and the birthplace of Coco.


Chase crash-landed after the explosion of the Glutton's ocean base here is where he meets Chef John (his father Chef Jack in disguise) and The ninja chef Coco. Chase trains with Coco and John who make him a better Foodon chef and learn new battle strategies to stop the Gluttons' world conquest. In Banana Island, so much cooking goes on that Foodons are found wild!


  • The Hut and Battlefield: John and Coco live here and battle with there foodons (chase has his first battle here)
  • Lake Molasses: A lake made out of molasses. It's guarded by the powerful chicken curry Foodon Jerk-Chicken who protects the curry powder on his islet in the middle of the lake.
  • Mt. Spice: A huge volcano that Chase and Coco were in during there cooking contest to the DEATH!