This is a sweet-type Foodon

あんにんどうふ annindoufu

Based on annindoufu, which is the Japanese word for a dessert referred to in English as almond jelly, almond pudding, or almond tofu. Despite the English name, it contains no almonds or soy beans, but rather is made from the milk of apricot kernels.

Class 3 sweet-type.


  1. Unlock:
    • Anmitsu recipe + Anzu.png あんずanzu (apricot)
  2. From then on:
    • Dango kona.png だんごのこなdango no kona (dango flour)
    • Kanten.png かんてんkanten (agar)
    • Anzu.png あんずanzu (apricot)


  • つめたいかぜtsumetai kaze (freezing wind)
  • あまいかほリamaikahori (sweet heart/breath)
  • あんにんにんanninnin
  • ひっかきhikkaki (scratch) [typeless]
  • コチコッチンkochikocchin [-HP][FRZ]
  • はやてげりhayategeri [typeless][-HP]
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